Exclamation. Used during poker when an unexpected play happens.
Grapping the pot because he was certain his full house had the pot, Fred was suddenly shocked by George, who he was sure was bluffing. "Abuse" cried the table when they saw George lay down four of a kind.
by Think October 12, 2004
A kick-ass 2d shooting network game for the mac.
I just played abuse on our LAN.
by duality April 01, 2005
when a man slaps a woman with his palm side.
Man: Bitch! I said they dont speak German in Mexico

Retarded Woman: But the boarder jumper said they do!

Man: Keep on mocking me woman! I'm going to cherry cheese cake you in 2 seconds, if you don't shut up about the boarder jumper too! And no getting high after midnight!

Retarded Woman: But Dirty Sanchez said they do speak German! And I'm not high, fuck nut!

Man: I had it with your imaginary boarder jumper named Dirty Sanchez! AHHHHHHHH! (Man abuses Retarded Woman)
by Numba1AerosmithFan January 15, 2010
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