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absolutely, but with fruit (originally stated by Steve Correll on the Office)
This banana is absofruitly fantastic!
Q:Do you want to go get Chinese food?
by MaraNikki June 04, 2007
a new and hip way or saying absolutely
Mikey:do you think your phone charger will work on Sarah's phone
Me: absofruitly
by word destroyer May 23, 2010
A boss term used for obviously or of course.
JG said, "You throwin down tonight, Slal?"
by gtown666dik December 03, 2009
synonym for absolutely.
meaning positively or definitely; without doubt.

most likely used either by a homosexual, or one trying to infer homosexuality.
1: Can you please grab that enormous, thick, wet, vibrating dildo for me?

2: Abso-fruitly!
by Powerclap January 01, 2010

1. When someone is undoubtedly homosexual.

2. The way gay men express affirmative approval.
Oh... my.. GAGA! Those those shoes are absofruitly cute!
by brentus maximus July 25, 2010
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