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The medical term to describe the acute onset of paranoia and psychosis regarding director/producer/screenwriter/composer/actor J.J. Abrams. Symptoms include hyperbolic statements with the fixation of lens flares and shakey camera angles. Abrams Derangement Syndrome typically affects nerds and geeks with selective amnesia who seem to forget that the Star Wars prequels were garbage, and so was Star Trek: Nemesis and Star Trek: Enterprise. But for some reason, J.J. Abrams is worse than George Lucas, Rick Berman and Brannon Braga combined.
Person 1: "I took my girlfriend to see Star Trek Into Darkness. We thought that was a great movie!"

Person 2: "JJ Abrams is the worst thing to happen to Star Trek! There were lens flares everywhere and he absolutely ruins the franchise! God, I can't even imagine what he'll do to Star Wars!"

Person 1: "I think you should smoke a bowl, dude. You're suffering from serious Abrams Derangement Syndrome."
by T-Rocknrolla September 14, 2013

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