adj. - favored by fortune, while pretending it was misfortune.
Stemming from the utter joy a one experiences when one "losses" an unborn bastard without having to straight up abort it; especially if the child-factory was refusing to having an abortion.

Often used to sarcastically describe something that is good for you and your boy but bad for someone neither of you give a rats ass about.
Ajit: "Dude, I think that frat kid left his bud at my house after hogging last night."
Evan: "Geesh, that's so abortionate."
by TC Jenkins April 13, 2010
Top Definition
Adj: used to describe examples of bad craftsmanship.
This work is abortionate
by Gallythemole September 11, 2010
A swift punch delivered to the stomach of a pregnant woman, killing the fetus. Abortionations are often preformed by men who do not want to have children, though the woman they planted their seed in does.
After Matt impregnated Gina, he held her down and I abortionated her.
by The Abortionator April 18, 2009
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