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the purpose of having sex is to reproduce, therefore it was doing its you should have thought about that before you had sex...rather than saying oops i got pregnant now let me murder my child.
Sally was having sex with her boyfriend and got pregnant (which is the purpose of having sex...reproduction) her boyfriend, who "loves" her left she decided to have an abortion...and murder her child.
by elp. October 21, 2008
30 49
a fuck up, a goddamn almighty spanner in the works, a mess - total mess, when something happens that prevents the natural conclusion of things
christ, I made a real abortion of that math(s) paper

The bastards stole my passport - what a fucking abortion! - I had to cancel my fucking holiday

Jeze, my life is such a fucking abortion
by vixen5 August 30, 2008
18 37
The only garaunteed form of birth control.
You're pregnant again!?! Go get the fucking clothes hanger!

Abortion = birth control
by youmightknowme March 19, 2008
59 78
Unwanted baby for the father of the baby. Mostly abortion happened as a result of pressure from family and the father of the baby. This man gives no support to pregnant woman. He doesn't want to have a baby even though mother of the baby desperately wanted to keep the baby. The father of the baby leaves a pregnant woman alone. The father of the baby forced to have an abortion to women.

The facts of the abortion is not what women wanted. Women who were pressurised and had no support.
The father of the baby; 'It was easy to make her having an abortion. I just left her alone even she was having severe morning sickness.'.

The father of the baby; 'I can get away from making her having an abortion. My life is easy as I always have own happy life even I made her an abortion.'

I pleaded him that I wanted to have the baby, but he left me alone and he said it's just a foetus.. He said there are so many women had an abortion and I said I didn't want to be one of them.
by Nikiniki October 24, 2009
17 37
A controversial topic that should have only one rule:

Who cares if it goes against 'God' or the 'Bible'?
Who's God? Who's bible?
NOT MINE and not a lot of other citizens of this world.

This country is the 'land o' the FREE!'
Not the 'land of the Land of the free when it's conveniant for us.'

Whether abortion is right or wrong,
it should be a choice.
Wrong way to disagree with abortion:

Right way to disagree with abortion:
"I think the baby is alive no matter what you say, so to me it is murder."
by Danielle Danielle January 08, 2009
224 244
A Right that only a woman has in some countries to kill her own unborn child as a matter of choice. If that same woman attempted to kill herself authorities would step in and save her from herself and place her under psychiatric care. (That makes sense) Some people would have you believe that abortion benefits society by relieving government of the cost of raising that child. This could be a true statement if you knew the future of that child (Maybe a Bill Gates). I wonder if those same people would rationalize the killing of handicapped & poor people who's situation we already know. Some people also can not see the difference between the death penalty and abortion. In one case the victim didn't do anything to deserve the punishment and in the other case the victim chose to take the life of someone else, therefore in his mind killing of another must be alright so the killing of him should be alright too. (Do unto others as you would have them do unto you and I'm not religious, just makes sense) So first admit abortion is killing and then say it's OK to kill your own child. At least be honest about your decision and the laws this country passes. As far as the act of masturbation being killing, you are leaving the cells to die but the last time I check the killing of sperm wasn't a crime. But by the way some Liberals think maybe they could find away to make those "evil men" pay for their actions. I'm sure if a woman did something like that there would some excuse like "I didn't know better" or "I couldn't help myself" or "It's my body, I'll do what I want". In ending I personally believe abortion should be used in self defense only (To stop the killing or suffering of the mother). In the case of rape, a D&C right after the crime should prevent the pregnancy. Whatever decisions you make in life please choose logic over emotion you'll be happier with your decisions.
I'm having an abortion because The Supreme Court said I could!
by CommonSense April 19, 2006
48 68
the way to go...
yeah chick you have that abortion
by chadbrochll November 18, 2010
15 37