a fuck up, a goddamn almighty spanner in the works, a mess - total mess, when something happens that prevents the natural conclusion of things
christ, I made a real abortion of that math(s) paper

The bastards stole my passport - what a fucking abortion! - I had to cancel my fucking holiday

Jeze, my life is such a fucking abortion
by vixen5 August 30, 2008
Abortion is sucking out a mass of sperm and egg that cannot survive outside the womb. Contrary to what Republicans think, the Bible does NOT decide how others should live their lives. That's why the Bible theory is thrown out..

Not all people who get abortions are (teen) whores or not ready. If that was the case, everyone would wait to have sex for a LOOONG time, with a steady job and money. Clearly, that's impossible and will not happen. If the woman or the man used protection, then they did not want money. Sure, adoption could work. But if you don't want to spend over $3000 on pre-natal care and the pregnancy itself, abortion is a viable option.

Abortion is also helpful if raped, incest or health complications arose. Apparently, only 1% of abortions are for rape, and 7% make up all three. But hey, statistics can be made up to suit your needs.

A child is not a fetus. A baby is not a fetus. If you can hold it in your arms, and put a diaper on it, it is a baby. Fetuses take nutrition, and await to turn into babies, but they are NOT babies. I completely oppose third-trimester abortion, because in most cases it CAN survive outside the womb.

Granted, you can also just take Plan B. But everything that lessens the burden on humanity is apparently wrong(mainly because of the Bible).

Abortion lessens the amount of abused, neglected children. Adoption doesn't always work out, and the results can be the same, with cruel parents. But why bring them into a miserable life? See, abortion DOES help.

B: No, you ignorant fool. She used a condom.

A: Oh..Well...erm..She was being safe, not really a whore..

B: Exactly.
by Covert9 August 28, 2009
The only garaunteed form of birth control.
You're pregnant again!?! Go get the fucking clothes hanger!

Abortion = birth control
by youmightknowme March 19, 2008
the greatest procedure ever invented.

is not killing, altough the dumbass rebublicans seem to think so even though they support death penalty.
Julia: Fuck i was at rave the other night and head unprotected sex with 18 guys
Lexy: Dude your gonna get pregnant again
Julia: SHit im gonna need another abortion
Lexy: YAY for abortions!
by Lovahh June 02, 2007
One of the most irresponsible, selfish things on the planet. Essentially, the act of killing an innocent unborn child, merely because you can't handle the situation you got yourself into. Even in the case of rape victims, a more humane and natural way to deal with your unfortunate circumstance would be to give the baby up for adoption. P.S. if it matters to anyone, I am a Democrat.
To the person who equated male masturbation to genocide, it's a tad bit different when there isn't a female reproduction system involved, now isn't it? Abortion
by Beatlesman October 24, 2011
Unwanted baby for the father of the baby. Mostly abortion happened as a result of pressure from family and the father of the baby. This man gives no support to pregnant woman. He doesn't want to have a baby even though mother of the baby desperately wanted to keep the baby. The father of the baby leaves a pregnant woman alone. The father of the baby forced to have an abortion to women.

The facts of the abortion is not what women wanted. Women who were pressurised and had no support.
The father of the baby; 'It was easy to make her having an abortion. I just left her alone even she was having severe morning sickness.'.

The father of the baby; 'I can get away from making her having an abortion. My life is easy as I always have own happy life even I made her an abortion.'

I pleaded him that I wanted to have the baby, but he left me alone and he said it's just a foetus.. He said there are so many women had an abortion and I said I didn't want to be one of them.
by Nikiniki October 24, 2009
killing an innocent child who did nothing except being the very example of a miracle of life. The very sole person making this decision is an idiot. (Unless you were rape; In that case I'm very sorry that you had to go through that but please still take the time to think about adoption for a good, loving family).
Melissa thought about abortion....but realized that the child that she was carrying would be better off with a loving family.
by *M October 11, 2008

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