A term used to say that something is epically failtastic.
Girl 1: Oh, my god, I failed that test we took last week. How did you do?
Girl 2: I didn't know any of the answers; it was like an abortion.
by Emo Panda-kun June 25, 2009
The act of killing a zygote. But what exactly is a zygote? " A cell that is the result of fertilization." Yes, one cell. Itch your arm: You just lost thousands of cells. How many cells are in an adult body? 100 trillion. Yes, trillion. You kill in war, death penalty, and hunt animals, but you can't kill one cell? By the way, a zygote CAN'T fell pain because it doesn't have any nerves. The earth is already WAY overpopulated: 3,000 starving african children (just children, not adults) die every day because they have no food to eat, and you want more? Why should we ruin a girl's life just because she got pregnant? Killing a fly hurts more that killing zygote, so stop saying that it hurts. If you eat meat, odds are you kill over 50 animals a year, why are zygotes any different? Yes, I'm a virgin, but that doesn't mean I hate any one who isn't.
Amy: (Crying) I have to get an abortion...
Jenny: SATAN!

Danny: But your dad's in the army, the guy who slept with your girlfriend got the death penalty, and your eating a chicken sandwich right now.
Jack: But thats different, because those things can fell it, and zygotes can't.
Danny: WTF???
by angelicawalker123 February 27, 2009
1. A girl's way of being a slut without long-term consequences.
2. A way of saving a woman's life if she is medically unable to have the baby.
3. A way to prevent infertile couples from adopting.
1. Damn that girl is a slut, she got pregnant what, 8 times? And she don't have a single one.
2. It's sad, but if my mom didn't have an abortion, she wouldn't be here for my 18th birthday.
3. You can actually put babies up for adoption instead of killing them? Amazing!
by Jeremy T. from MHS October 19, 2006
(Brit. Slang) Humorous term for use when something – usually a task - goes badly and disastrously wrong. Similar to "Pete Tong" or “tits up”.
"Oops. That was a bit of an abortion."
by flip February 16, 2005
A controversial topic that should have only one rule:

Who cares if it goes against 'God' or the 'Bible'?
Who's God? Who's bible?
NOT MINE and not a lot of other citizens of this world.

This country is the 'land o' the FREE!'
Not the 'land of the Land of the free when it's conveniant for us.'

Whether abortion is right or wrong,
it should be a choice.
Wrong way to disagree with abortion:

Right way to disagree with abortion:
"I think the baby is alive no matter what you say, so to me it is murder."
by Danielle Danielle January 08, 2009
1) The, usually surgical, removal of an embryo or fetus from the uterus in order to end a pregnancy.

2) A standpoint over which democratic and republican parties argue with no actual consideration for the lives involved. Mysterious figures seem to be popping up everywhere about the numbers and percentages of abortions, such as "Rape victims account for less than 1% of all abortions." This information is surprising, seeing as most rapes aren't even filed (and this informations is absolutely, and completely, necessary to make any claim, such that has been made), and most -- if not all -- parties that perform abortion don't require a "Q&A" session as to why the abortion is being performed.

3) Something that isn't anyone's business outside of the woman getting the abortion.
1) "Alison had an abortion."

2) Republican: "Let's argue about abortion, because there's nothing worthwhile that needs to be addressed -- like the fact that hundreds are being killed overseas in this war that we won't let go. Killing people is okay, so long as they've lived long enough to believe differently than me. Yay God!"

or, if I may be so bold to quote the song of Roland:

"Paiens ont tort et Chretiens ont droit."

(For our non-ancient-French speakers: "Pagans are wrong, and Christians are right".)

3) M: "Sue's says she's going to be gone next Friday, and she's been acting really weird since she broke up with Kyle -- do you think she's getting an abortion?"
T: "It's not your business, and if she wanted us to know, she'd tell us. What was the Latin homework last night?"
M: "Page ninety-five."
by Catholic Tarot August 27, 2007
A procedure that may be allowed in some cases ie. rape health concerns ect. it has been overused by people who instead of practicing safe sex they use it a a form of birth control.
It should be allowed in rape and health issues but if it's just some girl who doesn't like condoms then she should carry the baby and give it up for adoption if she still does not want it.
Sally got pregnant by her boy friend and is now getting an abortion
by Not Me yet May 07, 2008

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