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The termination of a pregnancy unwanted for one reason or another. If necessary, should only be attempted by a licensed practitioner. Those who believe abortions should be fully legalized and readily available do not advocate "killing babies". They simply believe abortion should be a legal option for instances as rape, incest, or ectopic pregnancies. Abortion is not a good thing but sometimes is the only thing. It is also a matter of Freedom, which is supposed to be valued highly in nations such as the USA. If someone wants pleasure but doesn't want to be a parent , where is the freedom in forcing them to be one? What business is it of ours what people do in private as long as it is not harmful? Even more to the point, where's the Freedom in forcing a raped women to either raise a baby she never asked for and comes as a painful reminder of a terrible event or, after the bonding experience of giving birth, part ways with it? And, in cases of the latter, is it healthy for a baby to separated from his mother?

However, Freedom is two-way traffic. (That anyone can call themselves "Pro-Life" and support the US military action in Iraq is nonetheless mind-boggling.)

There is also some debate over who should have the right to decide to get an abortion. Ultimately, it should fall to the woman. It's her body. Still, it would be the decent thing to involve the father (provided he is not a rapist or perverted blood relative.)
Anna: Julia was recovering well from being raped but she just found she's pregnant and she's thinking about an abortion. It's a difficult decision for her to make.

Jane : Who can blame her? Why would she want to mother a baby she never asked for, forced onto her by some creep she doesn't even know by name? Wouldn't it be a terribly painful reminder of her being violated every time she looked at the child?

Anna: Yeah, I agree. Let's call her and tell her to make that appointment...
by The Thinker-Writer January 31, 2010
A procedure that may be allowed in some cases ie. rape health concerns ect. it has been overused by people who instead of practicing safe sex they use it a a form of birth control.
It should be allowed in rape and health issues but if it's just some girl who doesn't like condoms then she should carry the baby and give it up for adoption if she still does not want it.
Sally got pregnant by her boy friend and is now getting an abortion
by Not Me yet May 07, 2008
1. A girl's way of being a slut without long-term consequences.
2. A way of saving a woman's life if she is medically unable to have the baby.
3. A way to prevent infertile couples from adopting.
1. Damn that girl is a slut, she got pregnant what, 8 times? And she don't have a single one.
2. It's sad, but if my mom didn't have an abortion, she wouldn't be here for my 18th birthday.
3. You can actually put babies up for adoption instead of killing them? Amazing!
by Jeremy T. from MHS October 19, 2006
When a woman aborts a child inside her own body.

When a woman gets an abortion that does not make her a slut. Its not like she was having sex and was just like "oh well thats okay if i get pregnant ill just have an abortion" its not like there fucking free. And what if some one is raped? or the birth control or condom didnt work or broke? then what happens? And whos going to take care of the baby, most of the time when people get abortions its cause they cant support the child and it would die of an illness anyway. If abortion is made illegal then were all gonna have to pay more taxes to support the already over crowded orphaneges. I hope all u anti abortionist adopt a fuck load of kids.
A womans right to choose what she does with her own body, look theres and anti-abortionist, while there at it why they just take away our right to vote!
A term used to say that something is epically failtastic.
Girl 1: Oh, my god, I failed that test we took last week. How did you do?
Girl 2: I didn't know any of the answers; it was like an abortion.
by Emo Panda-kun June 25, 2009
The act of ending an unwanted pregnancy.
Masturbation is different from abortion. It doesn't kill an individual human being, only gametes die, same with when a female has her period.
by Vek April 08, 2005
A premature expulsion of a foetus.
Writing that abortion is wrong or right or that you only have it when you're a whore is not a definition. Its opinion, the defintion I've posted the philosophical term for it.
by ilikecupcakesandteafortea January 18, 2008