(Brit. Slang) Humorous term for use when something – usually a task - goes badly and disastrously wrong. Similar to "Pete Tong" or “tits up”.
"Oops. That was a bit of an abortion."
by flip February 16, 2005
The act of killing a fetus.
So Mrs. Pro-Life when you get raped whatcha gonna think then?
by T Money October 15, 2004
Murder of an unborn child, a project of the globalist/NWO depopulation agenda to reduce the world's population so the people left would be more easily controlled that is labeled as a "women's right" so people will approve of it. In fact, the founder of Planned Parenthood admitted that it is a eugenics program designed to reduce the "negro" (black) population. Due to the very sad majority of feminists/"pro choice" people in the US, if you call it that you get the hate of 99% of the people you know. Just look at how many thumbs down this has probably gotten by now.
Sheeple: It's my right to have an abortion.
Smart Person: Abortion is murder, a depopulation program, and should be illegal and have the same penalties as murdering a child outside of the womb.
#new world order #feminists #murder #depopulation #liberals
by The Awakened July 15, 2012
removal of fetal cells from a woman's uterus.
Until a fetus is old enough to survive outside the body of its mother, it is not really a separate life and is little more than a parasite. Abortion is construed by some as murder, but is really such a tough decision that it ought to be left to the mother, and to no one else. Abortion should not be used as a form of birth control in and of itself, but ought to be acceptable in instances of rape, failed contraceptives, fetal disease, or a life-threatening pregnancy.
And to all the pro-lifers: abortion only stops a beating heart if you wait long enough for the heart to develop. No one is forcing the pro-lifers to get abortions, yet they wish to force everyone not to...
Keep pregnancy curable!
by Child Hatter May 13, 2003
1. A bitch move done when because a woman or couple doesn't remember adoption is an option.

2. Murder only acceptable if it was rape or the mother might die.

3. The devil's way of getting infants because couples seem to forget condoms
1. girl: I had an abortion

guy: .... but there is an adoption center downtown.

2. Girl: i had to have an abortion

guy: you BITCH

Girl: you raped me and the baby would have killed me

guy: ....... well played

3.girl: I had an abortion because my idiot boyfriend forgot the condom

guy: the hell is a condom?
#baby #pregnancy #pro life #penis #pussy
by Vegeta rules! February 10, 2014
The termination of a pregnancy unwanted for one reason or another. If necessary, should only be attempted by a licensed practitioner. Those who believe abortions should be fully legalized and readily available do not advocate "killing babies". They simply believe abortion should be a legal option for instances as rape, incest, or ectopic pregnancies. Abortion is not a good thing but sometimes is the only thing. It is also a matter of Freedom, which is supposed to be valued highly in nations such as the USA. If someone wants pleasure but doesn't want to be a parent , where is the freedom in forcing them to be one? What business is it of ours what people do in private as long as it is not harmful? Even more to the point, where's the Freedom in forcing a raped women to either raise a baby she never asked for and comes as a painful reminder of a terrible event or, after the bonding experience of giving birth, part ways with it? And, in cases of the latter, is it healthy for a baby to separated from his mother?

However, Freedom is two-way traffic. (That anyone can call themselves "Pro-Life" and support the US military action in Iraq is nonetheless mind-boggling.)

There is also some debate over who should have the right to decide to get an abortion. Ultimately, it should fall to the woman. It's her body. Still, it would be the decent thing to involve the father (provided he is not a rapist or perverted blood relative.)
Anna: Julia was recovering well from being raped but she just found she's pregnant and she's thinking about an abortion. It's a difficult decision for her to make.

Jane : Who can blame her? Why would she want to mother a baby she never asked for, forced onto her by some creep she doesn't even know by name? Wouldn't it be a terribly painful reminder of her being violated every time she looked at the child?

Anna: Yeah, I agree. Let's call her and tell her to make that appointment...
#freedom #rights #liberties #choice #pregnancy #rape #incest #ectopic pregnancy
by The Thinker-Writer January 31, 2010
A term used to say that something is epically failtastic.
Girl 1: Oh, my god, I failed that test we took last week. How did you do?
Girl 2: I didn't know any of the answers; it was like an abortion.
#epic fail #fail bus #failtastic #fail #failure
by Emo Panda-kun June 25, 2009
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