The termination of a pregnancy, whether wanted or unwanted.

There are many reasons to have an abortion, some are:
-The woman isn't ready to be a mother.
-The woman's health is in danger.
-The embryo/fetus' health is in danger.
-The embryo/fetus has something wrong with it.
-The woman is a survivor of rape.

Many Republicans (conservatives) feel that abortion is wrong, yet they support the war in Iraq and our president, who doesn't seem to be doing much about the genocide happening in Darfur.
Abortion is something that can help a woman in tremendous ways. And it is not murder. A fetus or embryo is not a child since in most aborted cases, it can not live outside of the womb and is not viable in any sense.
by KGA April 29, 2005
The largest genocide in the world with 40 million murdered and counting. The most morally wrong act possible. Done by people who are legally retarded and probably should be killed themselves for being such damn dumbasses or people high on crack infused with crystal meth.

The putting of ones personal, selfish desires before those of an innocent human being.
That bitch killed herself because she knew that she was going to Hell anyway.

I was so high that I killed a baby and ate it.

I run an abortion clinic. I share the same views as fucking Hitler. I probably should just suck myself up in a fucking vaccuum until I am fucking dead.
#syn: murder #genocide #hitler. ant: responsible #selfless #cool.
by Against Murder November 01, 2006
Murder that stupid, brainwashed, ignorant women help commit because they didn't use birth control and/or they are too dumb or cant be bothered, to adopt the child. Abortion is actually MURDER that is legalized in many countries due to the fact that satanic groups such as the "illuminati" etc run most countries and they love sacrificing babys. They legalize abortion to please their god, Satan. The founder of planned parenthood, Margaret Sanger, was a racist and satanist that wanted black genocide. She hated black people and thought it best that they all die. She is rotting in hell now.
Example 1:

David Rockefeller: Would you care to help me sacrifice some babys to please our lord, satan?

Satanist lapdog: Yes master, i would love to!

Example 2:

Idiot guy: My friend Liz had an abortion because she got raped. I think it was for the best.

Sensible guy: If you support abortion in any way, you are a sick fuck!
#murder #satanic #sacrifice #satan #evil #abort #abortion
by GRU Sniper October 26, 2006

The opposite of Right.
" You're an abortion "

" That's an abortion "
#wrong #murder #death #stupid #needless
by Bill Abnovsky August 18, 2006
The traditional method of whores who are too fucking stupid to use less murderous methods to control birth, such as a condom. Bullshit such as "it was the hardest thing I ever did!" usually follows, but she usually has no problem doing it AGAIN!

Feminists like to argue that banning abortion is against women's rights (women's rights include murder?) and it would make them turn to back alley abortion, which has a high risk of death. Well, who's to say that the latter wouldn't be for the better?

Of course, this wouldn't be so bad if abortion were limited to rape cases, incest, or possible death of the mother, but that obviously isn't so. Hell, with the abortion rate being over a million a year in North America ALONE, you would have to be a moron to think so.
There has been over 40 million abortions since Roe vs Wade.
by BusinessMan April 22, 2005
The product of Roe vs. Wade. This means it is okay to kill babies before they are born if you do not wish to be responsible and mature enough to care for them, even though that's what you're supposed to do. The easy way out for ill-prepared young parents.
Pray to stop abortion
by The Loyal Bush Legionary February 22, 2005
What crazy liberals like to do to unborn babies.Then they take their penis out and insert it between two aborted fetuses to simulate an artificial vagina.
Liberals love abortion and think that if they can't screw corpses and aborted fetuses or molest children then that is an example of church and state encroaching on them.
#killing a baby while it's still in the womb #pulling a scott pederson #oj-ing your baby #infanticide #genocide #satanic ritual human sacrifice #etc
by libs eat fetus-o's September 29, 2005
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