The act of removing an unborn fetus from the womb, effectively killing the baby before it's born.
The baby was unwanted, so the woman had an abortion


If she didn't have the abortion, both she and the baby would die due to complications.
by LuneKnight August 24, 2005
Commonly refers to the induced removal of a zygote, embryo, or fetus before viability. Elective abortions often only occur in the first trimester, and any abortions that take place in the second or third trimester are done strictly for medical reasons.

Is abortion murder? No, it does not fit the legal definition. Murder requires the victim to be a legal person -- a born human. In some cases, it also applies to third-trimester fetuses, as they may have reached viability. Abortions that occur at this time only occur because the mother's health is in danger, the fetus will not survive after birth, or the fetus is already dead and has not miscarried.

Is the fetus a person? Legally, it is not recognized as a person. As the concept of personhood is subjective, there are many individuals which believe the fetus deserves the rights we have. This is where all abortion debates stem from.

Is abortion a solution for teenage sluts who don't use protection? As a whole, no. Of all women who seek abortion, less than 10% had used no contraception. Teenagers who seek abortions account for less than 20% of the whole. The largest group of women seeking abortions, at 33%, is married women who either already have children or want children in the future but are not yet ready.

Does abortion cause infertility and other complications? Very rarely. In early abortions, complications are very scarce, and any complications that arise are usually dealt with. Late term abortions present more of a risk to complications, but it still rather low. Death is extremely rare. Childbirth can be up to 11 times more dangerous than abortion.

Does abortion cause psychological problems? Very few. Approximately 90% of women feel no guilt or depression, instead, many report a sense of relief. Of the remaining 10% that do suffer emotional problems, most suffer short-term guilt or depression which quickly mends its self. Very few suffer long-term psychological problems. Compare this to the 70% of women who suffer post-partum depression after childbirth.

Does the fetus feel pain? In almost every abortion, no. A part of the brain called the cerebral cortex is necessary to receive and perceive pain -- it is also necessary to have awareness, sensation, voluntary movement, etc. This part of the brain does not begin functioning until the third trimester. The fetuses involved in the very few abortions that occur at this time may feel pain. In prior trimesters, the fetus is incapable of feeling pain.

How is an abortion done? The most common procedure, done in the first trimester, is vacuum aspiration. After the cervix is dilated, the fetus is suctioned out out of the uterus via a tube no larger than a standard drinking straw. In most cases, the fetus does not need to be mutilated into pieces in order for this procedure to happen. The procedure takes around 10-15 minutes.

Isn't adoption a better option? While adoption is a valid solution to an unwanted pregnancy, it has many flaws. The woman must remain pregnant and give birth. The cost of vaginal delivery with a one-day stay can cost upwards of $3,500. This does not include the cost of pre-natal care. As a whole, adoption is an institute that caters to the wants and wallets of rich, infertile Caucasian couples who want perfectly healthy, Caucasian newborns. Sometimes preferably female. There are so many couples waiting to adopt, but so many children not getting adopted. Why? Because they don't fit these traits.

It's an innocent little baby! Shut up.
"Lisa had an abortion because she could not afford the pregnancy, much less raising a child."
by Katrina B. June 26, 2005
n. (a-bor-shun)
1. a fancy was of saying murder, that left wing liberals fight desperately for to protect the women who become pregnant and suddenly decide that they want to murder the children growing inside of them (are you telling me that they didnt know when they had it?)
2. the second halocaust, killing millions of innocent children who will not live one day of their lives or say I love you to their parents to be who murder them
the nazi's killed 6 million innocent jews. abortion has killed 8 times that amount
by praying for the innocent March 04, 2005
MURDER murder:death of an unborn, but living, baby by someone else's inability to judge right from wrong
(also causes depression in women)
by Amilia Black February 28, 2005
Killing an unborn child that was most likely your fault. 1 in every 4 babies are killed by abortion. By the time a woman decides to have a baby that baby can feel pain.the baby is not a part of the woman because as soon as he is concieved, he is a separate human being. and just because that baby cant speak fom himself yet, he has no say in whether or not his brains should be sucked out of his skull.I understand that there are women who get pregnant from rape, but that is very rare because someone who is forcibly being sexed will be way too tense to concieve. and even if they do, there is adoption. couples in america wait as long as seven years to adopt a baby because they cant concieve. and dont you even tell me overpopulation is a problem. it isnt.
woman:hey baby? wanna have your brains sucked out by abortion?
baby: no comment
woman: then yes it is!
by GloverDawg December 20, 2005
Abortion is the act of termiating a fetus before it reaches birth.
Abortion is appropriate in cases such as teenage pregnancy, incest, rape, and inner city mothers who can't afford a child.
Regardless of whether you support abortion morally/religiously, abortion should be legal because it's not the government's job to tell you what's moral and what's not.
If you want a theocracy, move to Saudi Arabia.
Too bad George Bush's parents didn't get an abortion.
by colored girl. August 26, 2006
Abortion is right because:

Killing helpless babies is comletely natural and a normal thing to do. After all, if something is inconvenient, kill it!

If the baby is born, you won't know what to do with it. There is no such thing as adoption.

It is the baby's fault for you getting pregnant. This is why you have every right to kill him/her. ITS THE BABY'S FAULT!

It would be utterly horrbile to carry a baby for 9 months that you didn't want. Why should you give your baby a chance at life?

Murder is a beautiful thing! And its morally right!

Babies have no purpose in this world. All of them should be exterminated.

Seriously though, babies are helpless and innocent. And for the people that think that the babies aren't techincally "alive" yet. In the first trimester of prenancy, that child has a heartbeat and it can move its tiny arms and legs. That is, until its tiny body is brutally taken out of the woman's womb and killed. If we were at all humane, we would at least inject a painkiller inside the child before murdering it.

Abortion is legalized murder.
by fdsklfaljalk July 15, 2006
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