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abortion is killing a helpless devolping baby that didnt do anything to deserve it. I am against abortion but i do understand if the girl was raped or has medical problems but other then stuff like that then i disagree. Most girls have an abortion because they dont want to get caught being pregnant or they just dnt want the child and they didnt plan it. Well i have a better solution for you: dont have sex. Why make the helpless baby suffer for ur dumb mistakes. What im also against is that the guy has no say in what the girl does(and im a girl). That is stupid its the boys baby too and i understand its the girls body n its her choice but like i said u should of thought of that before u had sex. If there was reasonable cause to have an abortion and the guy disagrees thats where it would be the girls choice but not if the girl simply dosent want to have it. Another thing if you dont want the baby then put it up for adoption and give it to to people who would die for children because they cant have children and u have the privalge to carry a baby and you are being ungrateful. Another thing i am not saying this because of religion this is so much more then religion. Imagine u were that baby and u had to be killed because ur mom didnt want you. And lets say u do wanna be dumb and have an abortion because u simply dont want the baby then how about u have it before 3 months before it develops. It dosent take you three months to do an abortion. and i understand that girls cant support a baby ok then set it up for adoption not kill the poor thing and i dont care what any one says abortion is killing/murdering because its not a toy that in your body its a living thing and dont say all this bullshit where its not fully a baby and blah blah you guys know that its a baby but r to damn stupid to admit it.
girl: OH MY GOD AMY, TOM GOT ME PREGNANT, my parents are gonna kill me.
Amy: Then get an abortion and kill the baby they wont find out.
girl: yeah your right but lets go in 2 months when the baby is fully developed.
by Manderzz03 April 13, 2007
The hilarious procedure in which a soon-to-be ugly baby is instead destroyed before it has a chance to wreak havoc on the world.

Contrary to popular belief, abortion is actually a life saving procedure. The rate of aborted babies that went on to commit murder is 0%, a percentage significantly lower than the rate of unaborted babies.

When it comes to "when life begins", a poll of aborted babies concluded that none of them minded being aborted too much. Their response was similar to that of a pool of semen, who were also not very distressed at not getting a chance at life.
Abortion should be a mandatory procedure for anyone not capable of raising a child, or with genes deemed "unsatisfactory."

Adoption Agencies should eliminate all of the infants they get. (but only if they haven't recieved their soul from god yet!!)
by IEATLIVEPUPPIES April 28, 2005
the removal of an unwanted fetus. personally, im against it, seeing has how all cells are living organisms. but, in extreme circumstances such as when a fetus has a disease thats unbearable to live through, a mother having an illness that might threaten the fetus, or a result of rape, its up to the mother. pregnant teenage whores shouldnt get to have a say in it because unless one of the above is happenin to them, it was their own fukin fault that they got knocked up and decided not to use protection! if they just realized the consequences of being a teenage whore, they should do the alternative thing and put the baby up for adoption.
abortion should only be used in extreme causes. it shouldnt be used as a brutal way of birth control for teenage sluts and woman who want to waste their money on abortion mutiple times but cant even buy themselves some birth control pills.
by gunslingergirlvy_c_e July 19, 2005
Simply put, the act of murdering a helpless little baby. Pro-choice activists feel that whether or not a woman should carry a child to full term should be her choice, but what they seem to forget is that the woman made her choice. She chose to have sex. Every person knows the risk you take when you have sex. Even a young child can understand that. That risk especially increases when you have sex without protection. So tell me, where exactly is it that a woman isn't getting her right to choose? If she isn't ready to deal with the consequences, then she isn't ready for sex. It is not fair for the child to be punished because the mother screwed up.
Now people are going to argue with me, "but what about in the cases of rape and incest?" Let's look at that, shall we? Honestly, how many of the abortions carried out are actually for that reason? Probably less than 1%. Women use it as their form of birth control. Often times, they have more than one. I honestly don't see how anyone can live with themselves after murdering a baby. If you don't want the child, there are plenty of loving and responsible people that do. Have the baby and give it up for adoption. There is no shame in better a couple's life, as well as a baby.
I was irresponsible when I had sex and got pregnant. I don't want it so I will end its life by having an abortion.
by simpleme May 30, 2005
A murderous medical procedure that all good soccer moms have if they discover they are pregnant with a male child in their first pregnancy. All good soccer moms have a girl first. Then a boy if necessary.
Taylor the soccer mom got rid of that nasty male fetus by having an abortion.
by Cap'n Bullmoose April 21, 2005
The act of punching your girlfriend hard in the lower abdomen when she shows you the positive test strip.
Kate: (excitedly) You're not going to believe it. Look at this!
Kate: (crying) Ouch I'm bleeding out of my vagina.
Dane: Well, don't just stand there, pick up that foetus and flush it down the toilet.
by Iain March 02, 2005
The physical removal of an unborn individual human being.

An act that takes precedence of the right to convenience over another's basic right to life.
Abortion in no doubt kills an innocent individual human being.

From the point of conception, is the point in which we can all trace back our lives to, everyone used to be a zygote, yet we were never in fact a sperm or an ovum. From the point of conception, we have all been individual human beings.

Under no circumstances should the killing of any human being be justified, young or old, innocent or murderer.
by Vek February 28, 2005