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Abortion is the act of killing an unborn child by removing it from the womb before it can survive. A disgusting act, it's only acceptable if the mother's life is endangered by the pregnancy. However, thanks to a truly insane ruling by the Supreme Court in 1973, abortion can be performed for any reason. Most of the time, it's done by women who don't want the responsibility of raising childredn. Well if that's the reason, why did you have sex? I mean, if you can't raise a child, you have no business getting laid.
Why have an abortion when you can avoid having sex in the first place?
by Anonymous debunker of myths January 17, 2008
Killing an unborn baby with a vacuum and a blender because the mother doesn't want to have the kid.

It's acceptable under certain circumstances, but it's mostly used by teenage sluts who get knocked up and decide they'll slowly massacre their unborn child because it's more convenient.
That slut is pregnant! Oh well, she can just have an abortion.
by Pinky Red June 05, 2006
Killing of an unborn child. Unborn not meaning dead, but simply in the womb. Many people believe it should be legal soley because of rape, incest, and when it endangers the mothers life. Little do these people know, those cases make up around 7% of abortions performed. Should laws be based on exceptions? no. Should abortion continue to be easilly excessable to whom ever needs one? no. In fact, Many people also think that teenagers should have the right to choose, especially if their family income is low. I guess they dont know that most of teenagers who have abortions come from a family setting where the yearly income was 60,000 dollars or higher. So agian, No other law is based on exceptions, why should abortion be?
i killed my child through an abortion today because I want to make women look bad because we can't handle silly little problems and keep our legs closed.
by sarah w August 06, 2005
1: The act of terminating an action or process.

2: The act of killing an unborn baby. Those who oppose abortion call themselves pro-life, those who support it call themselves pro-choice. Pro-choicrs seem to think that abortion is a perfectly acceptable and indeed preferable substitute for adoption or contraception.

Contrary to pro-choice beliefs, a baby in a womb is NOT an extension of the mother's body. As soon as the nuclie of the ovum and sperm fuse, they create a new diploid nucleus within a discrete cell which happens to live of the mother's body. Logically and scientifically, life begins at conception.

One of the most frequent claims by pro-choicers is that, by pro-life logic, masturbation is genocide because it kills thousands of sperm, and they are human cells. This is true, but they are haploid and have the same genome as the father, therefore they are cells of HIM, not HIM+HER=NEW. Therefore, masturbation which kills sperm is not genocide, but self-harm; no different to cutting oneself, except that it feels good.

Unfortunately, a number of born-agains and Bush supporters have given the great numbers of rational pro-lifers a bad name.
I'm pregnant, yay! Oh wait, I suddenly don't want this baby! I know! I'll have an abortion.
by Darth Ridley May 12, 2005
The act of getting rid of something(s) you don't feeling like dealing with.
I aborted my colon in a Manhattan alley with the help of a homeless, tophat-wearing transexual and a strategically bent hanger. At first, the damage done to my psyche far outweighed that inflicted on my internal organs. Now, I'm pretty much over it. I'm even thinking of eating at McDonald's again.
by Veldrimal December 14, 2004
1. The termination of a developing Embryo or fetus, egal in most states up until the 2nd trimester.

2.A good thing. Even if the woman has consensual sex and takes no precautions, it is still up to her wether or not to abort the pregnancy. It is still her right, even if the choice is made for the most asinine reason imaginable, for instance, "I don't like the way kids smell". I find it ironic that "Pro-Life"-rs have murdered hundreds of doctors who preform abortions. Also, what about other forms of contraception? If by wearing a condom or taking the pill a couple prevents a pregnancy from occuring, is that the same as an abortion? Why would it be any different? It would only be the elimination of another possible human life, right? Or do you only care about life of any kind, for instance, the millions of skin cells scraped off every day by normal scratching, for example? If that's the case, than anyone who has ever had a rash or skin irritation is a serial killer. All I want is a little consistincey, that's all.
"I was pregnant. I did not wish to be. I had an abortion. I am happier for it. Is that a problem?
by Montezuma999 July 07, 2003
The act of unmercifully and oftentimes brutally killing a LIVING HUMAN BEING. Sure it isn't developed yet, but who's to say it can't feel pain. NOBODY. Why should a poor little baby suffer because of her mothers mistakes. That's just plain wrong and unfair. They say that women should have the right to do this...Ok...What about little baby girls that are killed? Don't you think they deserve the right TO FUCKING LIVE? I'm not a right wing republican either. I hate war. I also hate the fact that 4000 innocent little beings are killed daily. It's bullshit. How about all these dumb cunts that don't use condoms or birth control take responsibility for the consequences of their actions. The only time abortion should be allowed is in the case of rape. Then, well, one can understand why a woman wouldn't want to carry a baby that was forcefully brought unto her.
If you feel that abortion is perfectly ok, please goto google dot com and select images. Type in abortion. When you're done puking, tell me what you think of it.
by MyNameIsNotImportant1234567890 February 02, 2008