Plan D, after A, (condom + common sense), plan b, and C (vodka)

Killing a baby before it is born, usually a result of wreck-
lessness or Alcohol. Sometimes for legitimate purposes though...

Liberals get pissed at conservatives for not letting them kill their babies.
"Are you pro-life or pro-death?"
"oh no im pregnant! abort, abort, abort!
"Wow there are too many Liberal-bias definitions of abortion on UD!"
by crazyconservative March 10, 2010
Abortion is the best known birth control method.

During the first month of pregnancy, the procedure is made on medication because the man's gravy is still fluid inside and it is easy to get rid of it. However, if the pregnant woman wait for too long, the abortion Doctor will have to pump the thing out using an abortion vacuum, because the man's juice will become like jelly steak gravy.
Mother: Sweetie, Darling! Did you gain some weight?

Girl: What?!? Oh no! I must be pregnant again!

Mother: That's okay sweetheart. I will call the abortion doctor and take an appointment for you.

Girl: Thanks mom!

Mother: You're welcome honey! Don't forget, you start working at 11pm tonight!

Girl: Okay....
by Junkmouth September 19, 2008
Abortion is the killing of a fetus, which is not a sentient being yet, however some people get the strange impression that a three month old group of cells is the same as a human being. It's just a bunch of fucking cells! It isn't even a fucking baby yet, it's still in the fucking womb! They aren't the fucking same!
If you don't want to have an abortion, think of the eternal damnation a son or daughter would bring upon you anyway.
by Gunman on the Loose! June 18, 2007

1) Termination of a task before it is completed.

2) Termination of a pregnancy (of any animal, including humans), including the removal of the embryo/fetus.

3) Said termination, and procedures used.

4) Said fetus.

5)a miscarriage. (also "natural abortion")

1) Our plans for this evening got screwed, thus causing an abortion.

2) If my mom had had an abortion, I would not exist.

3) Susie's getting an abortion.

4) That gross-looking picture is of an abortion.

5) Sadly, my aunt isn't going to have a kid - she had an abortion last night.

by Hrt December 29, 2005
The intentional termination of a pregnancy.

We have unconditional love.
Thus, we have unconditional social responsibility.
Thus, we act in the best interests of society.
It is often better for the whole of society not to bring a person of certain familial history into this world.
People have the potential to understand both this and their situation, and act according to love, social responsibility, and consequently the best interests of society.
Therefore, abortions are potentially wise.
1. A pregnant mother realizes that she is a retaliatory, unfulfilled person and is not as happy as the other mothers around her. This same mother realizes that as she currently exists, she would not be an optimal mother. She understands that typically, children given up for adoption are not as happy, and have significantly less chance of living good lives. She wants what's best for the people of the world, and chooses to have an abortion.

2. A pregnant mother rationally understands that the genetic predisposition of the child is not only a less than optimal one for the child itself, but, should the inheritable genes be inherited, will be less than optimal for the future of humankind. The pregnant mother makes a wise choice and aborts the mistake before it can continue.
by Ratio May 22, 2005
-The elective termination of the life of an unborn human being.
-Argued as being just by claims that this unborn human being is not a "person". Though claims such as these have been made in many other incidences of genocide and slavery in the past.
-Decriminalized so women who are raped or are victims of incest need not to suffer any more though most abortions are done as a form of birth control.
"Susie's dad scared her into having an abortion against her will."
by Vek April 08, 2005
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