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The only method of killing that Republicans oppose.
There's one way we don't kill people and it's that way!

Mommy didn't have an abortion so I can die in the war like she did.
by talkshow September 01, 2005
1) The, usually surgical, removal of an embryo or fetus from the uterus in order to end a pregnancy.

2) A standpoint over which democratic and republican parties argue with no actual consideration for the lives involved. Mysterious figures seem to be popping up everywhere about the numbers and percentages of abortions, such as "Rape victims account for less than 1% of all abortions." This information is surprising, seeing as most rapes aren't even filed (and this informations is absolutely, and completely, necessary to make any claim, such that has been made), and most -- if not all -- parties that perform abortion don't require a "Q&A" session as to why the abortion is being performed.

3) Something that isn't anyone's business outside of the woman getting the abortion.
1) "Alison had an abortion."

2) Republican: "Let's argue about abortion, because there's nothing worthwhile that needs to be addressed -- like the fact that hundreds are being killed overseas in this war that we won't let go. Killing people is okay, so long as they've lived long enough to believe differently than me. Yay God!"

or, if I may be so bold to quote the song of Roland:

"Paiens ont tort et Chretiens ont droit."

(For our non-ancient-French speakers: "Pagans are wrong, and Christians are right".)

3) M: "Sue's says she's going to be gone next Friday, and she's been acting really weird since she broke up with Kyle -- do you think she's getting an abortion?"
T: "It's not your business, and if she wanted us to know, she'd tell us. What was the Latin homework last night?"
M: "Page ninety-five."
by Catholic Tarot August 27, 2007
the greatest procedure ever invented.

is not killing, altough the dumbass rebublicans seem to think so even though they support death penalty.
Julia: Fuck i was at rave the other night and head unprotected sex with 18 guys
Lexy: Dude your gonna get pregnant again
Julia: SHit im gonna need another abortion
Lexy: YAY for abortions!
by Lovahh June 02, 2007
A Right that only a woman has in some countries to kill her own unborn child as a matter of choice. If that same woman attempted to kill herself authorities would step in and save her from herself and place her under psychiatric care. (That makes sense) Some people would have you believe that abortion benefits society by relieving government of the cost of raising that child. This could be a true statement if you knew the future of that child (Maybe a Bill Gates). I wonder if those same people would rationalize the killing of handicapped & poor people who's situation we already know. Some people also can not see the difference between the death penalty and abortion. In one case the victim didn't do anything to deserve the punishment and in the other case the victim chose to take the life of someone else, therefore in his mind killing of another must be alright so the killing of him should be alright too. (Do unto others as you would have them do unto you and I'm not religious, just makes sense) So first admit abortion is killing and then say it's OK to kill your own child. At least be honest about your decision and the laws this country passes. As far as the act of masturbation being killing, you are leaving the cells to die but the last time I check the killing of sperm wasn't a crime. But by the way some Liberals think maybe they could find away to make those "evil men" pay for their actions. I'm sure if a woman did something like that there would some excuse like "I didn't know better" or "I couldn't help myself" or "It's my body, I'll do what I want". In ending I personally believe abortion should be used in self defense only (To stop the killing or suffering of the mother). In the case of rape, a D&C right after the crime should prevent the pregnancy. Whatever decisions you make in life please choose logic over emotion you'll be happier with your decisions.
I'm having an abortion because The Supreme Court said I could!
by CommonSense April 19, 2006
the way to go...
yeah chick you have that abortion
by chadbrochll November 18, 2010
The act of terminating a pregnancy. Synonym for do-over.
Gotta go down to planned pregnancy for that abortion. Hey no do-overs.
by Ray Flynn May 11, 2005
1. Termination of a pregnancy.

2. A movie starring, costarring, or somehow affiliated with Matthew McConaughey.
1. the woman was raped so she had an abortion.

2. Contact, Dazed and Confused, Sahara
by ssweis23 June 30, 2010
Another controversial issue. It's to terminate something. Usually a fetus. Or a computer program. But more on the fetus issue, people think it's disgusting and horrible. And I walk the line for abortion. Let's say a 13 year old girl is raped and is pregnant, should she have to keep that child? No. Therefore abortion is the (excuse the word) best option she has. But here is where it's blurry. I don't think abortion should be a way out. Let's say a 25 year old women with a steady job and casual boyfriend gets pregnant, but doesn't want the child. She just doesn't want kids. But here's the hitch, she's had an abortion 3 times before. Should she be able to get one? No. She's using it as a way out. Which is wrong. So how do you right the law to help those who need it and stop those who abuse it? Perhaps a limit. As sick as it sounds maybe you are only allowed 2 abortions or something. No I'm not taking this lightly as "oh so your allowed to kill an unborn child for no reason?" no I'm not saying that. I'm saying there needs to be a way to make it work. I don't know if that will ever be found, but I hope it does.
Guy: Damn computer problem, time to abort the program.

Abortion is a controversial issue.
by i speak truth August 24, 2006