The only method of killing that Republicans oppose.
There's one way we don't kill people and it's that way!

Mommy didn't have an abortion so I can die in the war like she did.
by talkshow September 01, 2005
killing an innocent child who did nothing except being the very example of a miracle of life. The very sole person making this decision is an idiot. (Unless you were rape; In that case I'm very sorry that you had to go through that but please still take the time to think about adoption for a good, loving family).
Melissa thought about abortion....but realized that the child that she was carrying would be better off with a loving family.
by *M October 11, 2008
A procedure that may be allowed in some cases ie. rape health concerns ect. it has been overused by people who instead of practicing safe sex they use it a a form of birth control.
It should be allowed in rape and health issues but if it's just some girl who doesn't like condoms then she should carry the baby and give it up for adoption if she still does not want it.
Sally got pregnant by her boy friend and is now getting an abortion
by Not Me yet May 07, 2008
the greatest procedure ever invented.

is not killing, altough the dumbass rebublicans seem to think so even though they support death penalty.
Julia: Fuck i was at rave the other night and head unprotected sex with 18 guys
Lexy: Dude your gonna get pregnant again
Julia: SHit im gonna need another abortion
Lexy: YAY for abortions!
by Lovahh June 02, 2007
word generally used by PC to describe something that totally sucks.
"Man, that's an absolute abortion of a performance, man!"
by The Sooz December 20, 2004
One of the most irresponsible, selfish things on the planet. Essentially, the act of killing an innocent unborn child, merely because you can't handle the situation you got yourself into. Even in the case of rape victims, a more humane and natural way to deal with your unfortunate circumstance would be to give the baby up for adoption. P.S. if it matters to anyone, I am a Democrat.
To the person who equated male masturbation to genocide, it's a tad bit different when there isn't a female reproduction system involved, now isn't it? Abortion
by Beatlesman October 24, 2011
1. Termination of a pregnancy.

2. A movie starring, costarring, or somehow affiliated with Matthew McConaughey.
1. the woman was raped so she had an abortion.

2. Contact, Dazed and Confused, Sahara
by ssweis23 June 30, 2010
Unwanted baby for the father of the baby. Mostly abortion happened as a result of pressure from family and the father of the baby. This man gives no support to pregnant woman. He doesn't want to have a baby even though mother of the baby desperately wanted to keep the baby. The father of the baby leaves a pregnant woman alone. The father of the baby forced to have an abortion to women.

The facts of the abortion is not what women wanted. Women who were pressurised and had no support.
The father of the baby; 'It was easy to make her having an abortion. I just left her alone even she was having severe morning sickness.'.

The father of the baby; 'I can get away from making her having an abortion. My life is easy as I always have own happy life even I made her an abortion.'

I pleaded him that I wanted to have the baby, but he left me alone and he said it's just a foetus.. He said there are so many women had an abortion and I said I didn't want to be one of them.
by Nikiniki October 24, 2009

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