The only method of killing that Republicans oppose.
There's one way we don't kill people and it's that way!

Mommy didn't have an abortion so I can die in the war like she did.
by talkshow September 01, 2005
Murder of an unborn child, a project of the globalist/NWO depopulation agenda to reduce the world's population so the people left would be more easily controlled that is labeled as a "women's right" so people will approve of it. In fact, the founder of Planned Parenthood admitted that it is a eugenics program designed to reduce the "negro" (black) population. Due to the very sad majority of feminists/"pro choice" people in the US, if you call it that you get the hate of 99% of the people you know. Just look at how many thumbs down this has probably gotten by now.
Sheeple: It's my right to have an abortion.
Smart Person: Abortion is murder, a depopulation program, and should be illegal and have the same penalties as murdering a child outside of the womb.
by The Awakened July 15, 2012
The act of killing a fetus.
So Mrs. Pro-Life when you get raped whatcha gonna think then?
by T Money October 15, 2004
removal of fetal cells from a woman's uterus.
Until a fetus is old enough to survive outside the body of its mother, it is not really a separate life and is little more than a parasite. Abortion is construed by some as murder, but is really such a tough decision that it ought to be left to the mother, and to no one else. Abortion should not be used as a form of birth control in and of itself, but ought to be acceptable in instances of rape, failed contraceptives, fetal disease, or a life-threatening pregnancy.
And to all the pro-lifers: abortion only stops a beating heart if you wait long enough for the heart to develop. No one is forcing the pro-lifers to get abortions, yet they wish to force everyone not to...
Keep pregnancy curable!
by Child Hatter May 13, 2003
What right-wing republican dumbasses think is legalized murder.
republican- "Pray to stop abortion"
me- "Go preach at church"
by Jeff February 24, 2005
When a woman aborts a child inside her own body.

When a woman gets an abortion that does not make her a slut. Its not like she was having sex and was just like "oh well thats okay if i get pregnant ill just have an abortion" its not like there fucking free. And what if some one is raped? or the birth control or condom didnt work or broke? then what happens? And whos going to take care of the baby, most of the time when people get abortions its cause they cant support the child and it would die of an illness anyway. If abortion is made illegal then were all gonna have to pay more taxes to support the already over crowded orphaneges. I hope all u anti abortionist adopt a fuck load of kids.
A womans right to choose what she does with her own body, look theres and anti-abortionist, while there at it why they just take away our right to vote!
When you play a video game and you get killed right when you spawn.
You spawn
You die right away

Check out this abortion. I keep on dying right when i spawn
by monsterbeatzz May 26, 2009
The act of removing a fetus from the womb while the woman is still pregnant. It should definitely be legal, but that doesn't mean I approve of "Oh hey I'm pregnant again-time for an abortion." And after the first trimester, you should have a real reason other than "I'm not ready." Do that in the first trimester than, before the baby develops too much more.

Reasons for an abortion:



Failed contraceptive.

Simply not ready for parenthood, usually teens. I know a bunch of people are rolling their eyes around at this one, but think. They might have been stupid, but they could get just caught up in the moment that they aren't suddenly going to go "Holy crap, I gotta pull on all my clothes and run out and buy a condom-be back later, ok?" And then imagine that you're 15 years old, a whole life ahead of you, and the test reads positive. Yes, it's their fault, but do you have any idea what that would feel like? Just THINK.
Amy: "I'm not ready for parenthood...I can't do this. I think I need an abortion. It's what would be best."
by Dooodoodoodoo* February 26, 2010

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