The only method of killing that Republicans oppose.
There's one way we don't kill people and it's that way!

Mommy didn't have an abortion so I can die in the war like she did.
by talkshow September 01, 2005
taking the life of your child because you don't want it, despite the fact that over a million people that can't have children on their own would love to adopt it.
"It's my baby, I don't want anybody else to have it alive. I'd rather just kill it."

Casey Anthony had a very late-term abortion. She did it herself, but it's the same thing.
by Jon Longshanks July 12, 2011
The termination of a pregnancy. Abortion, at the very least, needs to be left open as an option in cases of rape (so as not to further victimize the woman by forcing her to carry the child of her assailant), incest, and when the mother's life is in danger (as in an ectopic or tubal pregnancy, which will kill the mother if carried to term). Dangerous "back alley" abortions would also result if abortion were banned completely. An interesting contradiction in terms is that supposed "pro-lifers" also tend to be in favor of the death penalty, and have a real bad habit of shooting doctors and blowing up abortion clinics. It's also very difficult to decide exactly when life begins. By Pro-lifer logic, masturbation would probably also be considered murder, as sperm are technically alive and somewhat human (haploid). What they don't seem to understand is that there's a difference between something that is merely "human" and a full-blown, sentient "person." Admittedly, abortion is despicable when used merely as an alternative form of birth control (instead of the pill or a condom), but it's a woman's right protected under the law.
Diana opted to have an abortion, rather than carry her pregnancy to term.
by cmdrmonkey December 23, 2004
The act of killing a baby while pregnant. this is legal in the U.S. and some European countries. Abortion is a controversail topic among many people
If Abortion isnt murder, why cant i take my 3 month-old son and kill him? Its only a 3 month difference.
by thatrepublicanguy1 December 15, 2008
An abortion is when a person decides not to go through with having their child. Saying this in public will cause huge shitstorms, especially on tumblr.
"I think I'm going to have an abortion. I don't think I'm ready to be a mother and I don't want this child to live his/her whole life thinking her mother never loved her"
Pro-abortionists: '"YOU GO GIRL."
Anti-abortionists: "MURDER!!!"
The Father: "I think I should have a say in this too, I mean I made that baby too"
by Riley Freemen March 28, 2015
What you do when you get pregnant. All you have to do is go to the hospital and teel them that you have a kid inside of you. They'll scramble its brains and vacuum it out.
Amy: *Sigh* Pregnant again. I guess it's time for an abortion.

*Amy goes to doctor*

Amy: Hello Doctor, i'm pregnant. Get rid of it.
Doctor: Ok, we'll just scramble its brains and vacuum it out of there.
by Bloodbath 87 March 05, 2009
1. The act of aborting a sequence or process.
2. a) The act of terminating the "life" of an unborn child.
b) If used in large quantities, a potentially greatly effective method of population control.
1. Abort the mission.

2. a) She had an abortion in her 5th month of the pregnancy.

b) We could really use more abortion.
by Dark Laith December 05, 2004
The act of killing a baby (while HE/SHE is still growing into a human life) while inside the womb.

Very controversial topic about if it is wrong or not, but anybody who supports it knows it is wrong and turns a blind eye. Their most common and feeble argument is that it is a woman's choice what to do with her body. Everyone knows it's not her body. It's the baby's. And if she hadn't been stupid she could have "chosen" not to have sex in the first place. In the case of rape--what the hell is wrong with adoption?

Pro-choicers believe they have science on their side, which couldn't be funnier. “He who denies that human life begins with conception does not need to contend with religion, but science. To deny this certainty of biology is not to express a lack of faith, but a lack of basic knowledge of human genetics, something that is even known by the general public.”

"It is a poverty that a child must die, so that you may live as you wish." -Mother Teresa
Sarah: "Abortion is the best thing like evar!"
Jacey: "How so?"
Sarah: "Like, it gives women more choice and freedom!"
Jacey: "Often, abortions are given to very young girls who are scared and ashamed of the pregnancy and are generally easy to manipulate. It's more like it takes rights away from women."
Sarah: "Umm, well sometimes the mom can like, DIE! Then what?"
Jacey: "Yeah, that's true. But how selfish it is that a mother would kill her own child to save her own skin or risk being injured in the slightest."
Sarah: "Well, it's just a clump of tissue!"
Jacey: "I'm a clump of tissue. You're a clump of tissue. Your point? There's no denying what that 'clump of tissue' will grow into if somebody does not decide to kill the poor thing. Plus- it's not. It's a human, obviously."
Sarah: "Fine, well...whatever! Even if you manage to get rid of abortion, illegal ones will still take place!"
Jacey: "But the rate will most likely have significantly decreased, and you don't know how many people will be constantly finding more and more illegal abortion clinics and doctors. I, for one, will never stop being the voice of those innocent children who never had one."

The typical argument between he pro-"choice" and pro-LIFE sides. Anddd it's obvious who has more facts, science, and basic morals on their side. Choose life. :)
by neverstopfighting February 23, 2011
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