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(n) Mutated human used in quest to destroy Billy and Jimmy Lee, the Double Dragons.
The abobo rushed at Jimmy, but Billy was able to roundhouse kick him down
by Paul Wilsoz December 18, 2003
The act of being handled harshly in any way, shape, or form.

Can be used as a positive or negative, though even when used positively, it reflects negatively on the object or thing being "aboboed".

Derived from the meatball-headed Abobo from Double Dragon who only knows one thing -- how to rough you up, and/or throw you over his head.
"Oh man, that math exam aboboed me badly."

"Guy, Tom is so awesome at bowling he abobos those pins."

"That deep fried tofu aboboed my stomache all night long."
by John Hollick December 15, 2007
A meatball shaped head. Usually associated with bald/ing men with large frowns.
Dude, your head is all Abobo an' shit.
by DanMalo December 14, 2004
Slang term for "Abortion". Became widely used in 2003 when featured in an Outkast music video. Pronounced A-Bo-Bo.
You, that bitch gots to have an Abobo, fo sho.
by Dante Stephens March 05, 2008
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