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The term used for all fake adidas clothing worn by cheap ass Somalians who have shit factories and produce fake shit around the globe, especially in Manchester, England.
A Somalian with a big forehead, massive teeth and pink gums walks up to one chickenhead..

ABDI: ''yalaa yalaaa abdi wap wap gprs wifi baby suck dick of mine?''

SLUT: ''Errww you cheap ass nigpak ( a nigger/Paki ) .. you rockin' that abdidas swag huh?''

ABDI: ''wat wat 3gprs bitch download''


ABDI: ''I kill you bitch, my cousin this, my cousin that, my cousin suck dick in chemistry class yum wap wap wifi''
by sadidba yub t'nod September 19, 2010
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