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it's a town in wisconsin 30 miles from green bay that's almost as good as the other a-town with more popularity, atlanta, however with twice the beer, half the warm weather, and where everything is green and gold. some nice girls around here to keep you warm in the winter too ;-)
damn i wanna live in a-town
by pamback January 18, 2005
7 68
Southernest slang for Atlanta, Ga
Peace up A-town: Usher, yeah
Its A-town: Young Bloodz, Damn
by Ashshalee b May 16, 2004
531 81
The nickname of Atlanta, Georgia. Not Anamosa, Iowa which is better known as Gay-Town or Assamona.
Usher wasnt talkin about u guys.
by caleb_seely May 14, 2004
511 146
slang name Atlanta
A-Town is the shit
by ac February 09, 2004
310 75
City of crunkness!
Located in Atlanta, GA (ATL)
A town is where we get crunk!!!
by GINGER-SNAPS June 17, 2005
298 82
The city of AtLaNtA, Georgia!
Peace up, A-town down.
by Sexy Lil Gurl June 21, 2005
274 96
The city of atlanta that Usher often refers to in his songs like "Yeah!"
A town down AS in ushers hit "Yeah!"
by Amanda March 24, 2005
223 85
atlanta georgia
duh thats where lil jon and ludas from
also jermaine dupri

do the Atlanta town stomp
listn to the song from ATLANTA
by BRI May 26, 2004
191 93