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when you take a picture of yourself with your tounge sticking out and making a peace sign.
Girl 1: Did you see that pic i posted on facebook?

Girl 2: you look like a marin!

Girl 1: omg your right!
by not your average girl March 24, 2011
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A girl who is tall and can be very annoying. She is very head-strong. May take advantage of people, especially short, under educated Chinese girls who scream very loudly and annoyingly, who own little annoying, yappy, rat dogs, who live right next door.
She stands up for herself and lives to argue/debate. She is very athletic and beautiful. She never follows the crowd, and always does her own thing. She likes to play/draw with her large collection of sidewalk chalk. She is allgeric to just about everything.

She also likes to yell at the under-educated Chinese girl and the annoying rat dog when they scream/yap.
by Your gay friend Roger June 27, 2011

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