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A really really really fat girl, who is a right rotter. Like the fattest girl you have ever seen. 5 steps up from a genade.
Ha look at the A-bomb Nader is getting with!
by Busted big time yeahhh March 14, 2011
The ugliest chick ever. Used on Jersey Shore a lot
Yo that chick is the biggest A-Bomb ever.
by lilshawty211 March 13, 2011
a spliff with only tobacco at the beginning, the rest being purely marijuana.
Ready to smoke this a-bomb?
by AdventrureCrew June 02, 2010
an asian getting an 89 or less on something, also known as an asian fail
Steve: What's wrong?
Ching-Lao: I got an 88 on my chemistry test
Steve: Wow you totally a-bombed!
by euphoniumshadow19 March 01, 2009
marijuana and heroin smoked in cigarette
oh damn man lemme hit that "a-bomb"
by urfavoritejackass November 03, 2007
Nickname to praise anyone whose name begins with the letter A.
Armando: Jimbo!! Whattup homie!!
Jimbo: A-Bomb! What is up, my friend.
by the Little Kid May 26, 2006
A prank involving a hard punch in the ass while bent over. Non sexual and less invasive than a wedgie.
I asked Bob to pick up my glasses and when he bent over i A Bombed him good.
by mur7 January 13, 2010