The first letter in the english alphabet. Used before a noun to indicate a single type or example.
Not a drop to drink
Feather of a bird
by sexy uncle July 17, 2005
A letter in finnish alphabet pronounced æ.
hyvää päivää
by the_7th_day_of_july_1777 August 01, 2010
it's an island in Norway. (Å is the actual spelling)
Dude 1: Where did you go for spring break?
Dude 2: Å
by Meepster March 18, 2015
The first letter of the alphabet.
by Ihatewetbacks April 25, 2016
(noun) The first letter of the English alphabet; a vowel
When a child sings the ABC song, they first word that they say is A.
by +Henry+ May 20, 2015
Why the fuck are you searching the letter A on this site? Are you a fucking idiot?
"Are you a fucking idiot?"
by Tree Bananas March 20, 2016
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