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In what is becoming a monotonous scene of breakdown anthems, AWTT bring their hearts to the table over and over again. Every-time blowing minds more than the time before. AWTT’s love and appreciation for metal is reflected in their killer riffs and melodic choruses. After that complete brutality takes over. Having been compared to bands such Dead to Fall, As I Lay Dying, I Killed The Prom Queen, and other uprising bands in the metal-core scene, A Well Thought Tragedy is guaranteed to reel you in like a blood thirsty barracuda. Unlike a lot of metal-core bands out today, these fellers break the mold introducing head bopping riffs that even the inexperienced of this style can appreciate. AWTT brings elements of every style from old/new school hardcore, big hair/groove metal, to just plain out brutal...with a hint of punk rock here and there. Be prepared for a new sound in this "every band sounds the same" era. Seriously, you won't be disappointed.

2.Failure Was Designed To Destroy
3.Further Down The Spiral We Come Crashing
4.Murder with Your Eyes
5.A Quiet Separation
"Scene" kid poser: OMGZ I just thought of a band name.
Me: What?
"Scene" kid poser: A Well Thought Tragedy.
Me: Why don't you go lie down in the middle of a well thought intersection.
by lmaonayse August 06, 2006
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