somebody needs to get shot again...
some1 like dirty torrez who is white trash that needs to b clean
by A Azn girl April 05, 2003
Top Definition
See "Illiterate"
A Person who refers to themselves as a "Gangsta" is obviously illiterate.
by pro-nun-see-A-shun August 19, 2003
An Azn person that can kick dirty torrez ass
by A True Gangsta April 05, 2003
someone who believes in the true meaning of life and death; A true gangsta has sex at least twice a day.
50 cent is a true gangsta...Hes been shot, sexed, beat the hell up, but hes still a p.i.m.p.
by Boughello November 01, 2003
a dumb fucking piece of shit that has a very small penis and watches ninja movies all day, hoping so someday become the next jackie chan
dumb bitch
by dirty torrez March 24, 2003
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