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Unreasonably or unexpectedly inexpensive.
I was at the swap meet and I bought this dog with a bobbly head for my dashboard for a song.
by octopod March 04, 2004
1. Music and words organized into a usually short and catchy composition.

2. A descriptive word for when you buy something for an amazingly cheap price.
1. "Dr. Worm" by They Might Be Giants is a briliant song!

2. I got two ancient 8 bit Nintendos at my neighbor's garage sale for a song.
by tangerine February 22, 2004
A combination of sounds and rythms that can be made to sound in-fucking-credible or absolute shit.
Man, this song is great, but that last country song sucked big donkey balls
by Demosthenes February 18, 2004
i) A combination of musical melody, and sung lyrics.

Modern songs often have acompanying harmonies and complicated rhythms. Songs from longer ago are very simple in their accompaniment, and a lot don't have any.

ii) It can also mean how a man hears a woman's voice, when he is in love with her. This, however, is quite an old saying.
i) I sang a song
ii) Her song was sweet to my ears
by Alex Williams February 17, 2004
a composition of musical notes, rythm, and sometimes vocals(aka singing).
A song named "Bully" is a good song.
by Stew Pidasso February 17, 2004
a piece of music
play us a song
by mofo February 29, 2004
A song is a musical piece that is usually around 3 minutes long if it is popular music. A song could also be something like campfire songs which are not 3 minutes long. They are usually longer.
Do you know of a song that is pleasurable to one's ears, Phillip?
by Foober March 17, 2004
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