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A girl who likes to fuck loads of guys
I'm a slutty fuck slut
by The Badger November 26, 2003

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slutty fuck slut: a whore who has been with loadssss of guys and then goes to a different town, goes out to the bar for a night on the town, picks up an unsuspecting guy and tells him that she is a sweet virgin, so he takes her home to fuck her, and she gives him the best sex of his life (because she is so expiereinced) but also all of her dirrrrrrrrrrrrrttttyyy diseases that she picked up along the way.
tom went out to the bar last night for his bachelor party and picked up this hot ass virgin and took her home and fucked her, and it was sweeeeeeet, but when he woke up this morning with herpes and gonohrea and clymidia and crabs and aids he found out she was really a slutty fuck slut!!!! oh shittt
by c dubz November 25, 2005