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A mom that protects her son who just got beat up. The boy who got beat up will gain super natural powers when having a mommy guard and will use his mom as a human shield while he talks shit and hit you while his mommy protects him. The mommy guard will also call the police and sick a dog on you while the abused boy claims victory thinking he owned you. The abused boy is usually a natural born loser who has a job did well in school doesn't do drugs, doesn't drink but still sucks at life. He stays home everyday playing codmow 2 never had a girlfriend and thinks that he's cool when really he's not.
dude 1: My bro was kicking my ass but I used a mommy guard and she came and protected me so that I can get in a few shots of my own without the fear of being hit back, I'm so badass. My mommy told me that I won.

dude 2: No, he beat you up and you received family counseling for it and missed a couple of days of work remember?

dude 1: I owned him my mommy was there she saw it ask her.

dude 2: you suck go play codmow2 you little spaz.
by naybor December 19, 2009
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