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A phrase in white pseudoreggae rapper Snow's #1 hit song, Informer. It has no meaning whatsoever, but is known for being the only coherent line in the song.
Snow: Informer/You know say daddy me snow me-a (gonna) blame/A licky boom boom down

Guy #1 listening: What the hell did he just say?
Guy #2 listening: I don't know. All I heard was a licky boom boom down.
by dilary huff August 16, 2007

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a phrase used to show compassion for someone's misfortune and/or express feelings towards your own misfortune whilst still maintaining a positive attitude.
similar meaning to the phrase "man down" used in a comical context.

(also the only coherent line from Snow's "Informer" an extremely popular track amongst peoples of the stoner persuasion.)
"dude, my friends friend just died..." other guy "a licky boom boom down"

"my girlfriend just dumped me... licky boom boom down"
*bows head in shame*
by CHAYJAY November 17, 2011