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when you send something to go fuck itself.....when you send it to hell......also vergacould mean dick.......
commonly used in mexico
pinche jorge vete a la verga guey....

me vale verga lo que hagas

tengo la verga bien grande
by Pistio October 13, 2007
116 45
literally: spanish for "that dick over there" (a la verga)

colloquially: used when expressing emotion of surprise, shock, disappointment, and/or anger
Guy 1: Yo dawg I just scored an 8-ball for the party tonight!

Guy 2: Ala verga! Don't tell me you're into that shit bro.
by M Gunz Garza March 04, 2009
59 16
literally in English, it means "to the dick," but in when used in Spanish it means "oh fuck!" This can be used to express excitement, madness, panic, or happiness, among other emotions.
Elías is happy and excited that he won the lottery. He yelled, "A LA VERGA!!!! I just won the lottery!"

Melissa heard a loud noise in her kitchen one dark night. She said "A la verga!! What the fuck was that?"
by Sicario December 11, 2009
64 29
alaverga: adj. "all-a-verg-a" : meaning WTF or HOLY SHIT...
Jack: My cock broke in half!!!

Jill: ALAVERGA! lol damn thats gotta hurt!

Jack: fuck you

Jill: ALAVERGA fuck u i didnt do anything.

Jack: lol
by joshiebaby September 22, 2008
11 4