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Doing "a hobbo" is comprised of 3 essential parts:

a) a strong sex drive
b) an ex-girldfriend and or slut
c) masturbation

To succesfully do 'a hobbo' one must be extremely horny and begin mastubating. Within 5 minutes of masturbation a text message is sent out to one or many ex-girlfriends from the past who may or may not be ugly as sin.

A casual sex encounter is arranged for later that night with both parties in agreeance.

Whilst the ex/slut is powdering her nose, having a shower and deciding what to wear for the night (which takes on average between 3-5 hours), the male becomes overwhelmed by his sex drive (also known as ants in pants and furiously masturbates til climax. In some cases, depending on how long the male must wait, this can be repeated multiple times.

By the time the sexual encounter is ready to take place, the male has lost interest and calls off the date to move onto bigger and better things such as the sean treatment.
Mike says (6:42 PM):
fuck i did it again

Mike says (6:42 PM):
i was horny so i semi organised a root with my ex tonight

Mike says (6:42 PM):
but i got over excited, .. i had 3 bats in the last half hour

Mike says (6:42 PM):
and now i dont wanna go

Sean (6:43 PM):
ROFL u did a hobbo on her
by omg i am wtf leet November 11, 2007
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