It's a phrase used to answer a stupid question or to counter a stupid comment. It is derived from a statment made by Crash Holley (WWE superstar). He was defending his hard core title in a falls count any where match. He was at a circus when a clown approached and said to him, "I've seen on TV. You've defended your title on the street, in an alley and at a circus." Crash replied "a circus?". Just then the clown attacked him and tried to pin him. So his reaction to the puzzling statment was "a circus?" It should be said in a loud, high picthed, questioning manner.
1. Dude I think that Kim chick is hot. Reply: A circus?

2. A man is standing in front of a large clock when another man approaches and asks, "Do you know what time it is?" The man replies "a circus?"

3. I think that George W Bush is the best president this country has ever had. A circus?
by Tuskarater September 29, 2006

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