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a lazy, uneducated, slovenly, cocky, ignorant, self righteous person.

Other features:
often physically unappealing (fat and short), nasally voice, and very unhygenic.

almost exclusively a closet homosexual. this gives feminine qualities, and consequently the lack of reinforcing male qualities.

also, they usually live below their means as a result of inferiority

by definition, the man must be mexican, and although he certainly gives a bad image to the nationality, this definition by no means condones anti-mexican feelings
dios mio, that kid is a castaneda, I can smell him from here.

I always see a castaneda spending his parent's money on abercrombie clothes to cover his stomach fat.

I heard that kid is a castaneda, why doesn't he come out of the closet?
by Jared Krynzewski February 28, 2008
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