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#1. a nice-sized bowl of weed

#2. a reference to the expression "feel better now" and "I feel a lot better now"

#3. may be used to say something makes you feel good, happy, better.

ex #1: "Dude, we're done with finals! Let's go celebrate on my couch with a bowl of feel a whole lot better now."

"Totally, man. First chillum on me."

ex #2: (inside classroom student to teacher)
"I'm sorry my paper's not done, Mrs.T, I just feel so sick."

"No prob Bob, feel better now, ya hear?"

(hallway student to student)
"Mrs.T just gave me a bowl of feel better now and I feel a lot better now."

ex #3:

"I feel like I was getting sick before, but that chicken soup was like eating a bowl of feel a lot better now."


"OMG he's so hot, I was having a shitty day then I saw him and he totally changed my mood. He's such a bowl of feel a lot better now."

by May I. Havaword February 21, 2009
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