a person who is an industrial strength ass-kisser. they figure, whle they're down there, they might as well give a full crack tongue job from bow to stern, just to notarize the event.
While Ernie was kissing the supervisor's full ass, he gave a big lick since it was close to evaluation time.
by Bruce St. Asiuk November 24, 2005
Top Definition
A teachers pet. Someone who always tries to please the person in charge to a sickening degree.
teacher: will someone do a message for me please?

pupil (immediately): oh i'll do it sir!!
by sugarpuff fluff June 30, 2005
to rob a large sum of things from a certain area or place
I just caught a big lick in Haines city, at this house by the lake.
by nathane trimm September 15, 2006
Your pocket cards in Hold'em poker are 6 and 9, you have a big lick. In contrast, an Ace and King are Big Slick.
On the final table of my Texas hold'em poker tournament; the flop was two sixes and a nine (6 6 9), my pocket cards, a Big Lick (6 9) yielded me a full house. Taste like chicken.
by bbHoffa November 08, 2006
Something that cost a lot, or more than expected. Used when expressing surprise or concern over the price of something.
Hey that was a big lick. I thought it would be less than that.

Well I can’t afford it now after the lawyers fees that was a big lick
by Ferret March 21, 2005
The act of acquiring a large sum of money in an unconventional, mostly illegal, manner. OR The act of loosing a large sum of money.
"were going to get ronnie back." "Yeah for a big lick."
"rember when john gave you thoese fony Cd's." "Yeah that was a big lick"
by rydre3000 January 18, 2006
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