a song that makes babies wanna cry every time they hear it
a bay bay is gay gay gay!?
by ThatNiggerGuy September 23, 2007
"A Bay Bay" Is An expression that someone uses non-provocatively when referring to a loved one. It can also be a pick up line to a young cutie, or use it to call a crush to someone you have known but have not had relations with, but have a good relationship with.

"Bay Bay" is an expression that can be used when a related family member is showing sentimental valued loved when comforting a younger relative of the same gender. IE ( "A Bay Bay, Did You Hit Anything At The Relay Today") This word and or phrase has been used in Louisiana since before 1986, I Know This Because I grew up in Springhill, LA
IE ( "A Bay Bay, Did You Hit Anything At The Relay Today")

Just Showing Some Love "A Babe"
by Kre Kre January 06, 2009
A phrase used by males to call after a female; often to let a girl know that she is generally very attractive and that he wants to engage in conversation and eventually obtain her cellular number. as in the actual song, "a bay bay" rapped by Hurricane Chris (can be heard on imeem.com), 'a bay bay' is yelled out in a club, mall, or any public area where a female with a big ass is present.
Bill: There go a fine ass female, yo.
George: If I was you I'd holla at her fo' a good minute.
Bill: Ok.
George: Good luck.
Bill: A BAY BAY!!
(female walks over)
by 12376 June 30, 2007
A song used to call birds.
It attracts birds of all type, though especially small white ones.
The song "a bay bay" was developed in the 3rd century in Africa. The native people used it to call pelicans towards them and into the traps they had set.
by Weezyman January 21, 2009
1)A ridiculously stupid song written by Hurricane Chris. Basically a waste of money, recording equipment, oxygen, bandwidth, and radio waves.

2)Basically a cat call, slang for "Hey Baby." Usually shouted by Wangster turds at the mall or in Middle School.
1) I heard A Bay Bay on the radio and I swear I startde speaking in tongues.

2)I heard this Wangster tard in school saying "a bay bay" and "ballin!" and I had to be physically restrained.
by dhawk123 March 07, 2009
randomly yelled at people walking down the street.
originally a wack ass song by hurricane chris, but is now used to fuck with peoples heads.=]
girl::"A Bay Bay!"
boy1::did she just yell A Bay Bay?
boy2::i think so..
boy1::whoah, shes fuckin with my head man,
by tash!=] December 12, 2008
bay bay is a dj in shreveport la where hurricane chris is from.. and ppl in the club say "Ay Baybay Let it Play
Dats My Song Turn It Up" get it!?
man lets go holla @ the dj... "a bay bay"
by Julian P August 10, 2007

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