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1. To break something, or make something worse while trying to improve it.

2. Attempting to get aid from a helpdesk without knowledge of the company it is working for
RICK: Did you hear about Kenny? His car blew up.
JOHN: OMG, how did thàt happen?
RICK: He wanted to make it go faster by installing a nitrogen tank.
JOHN: Looks like he zynga'd badly!

HELPDESK: how may I be of assistence?
CUSTOMER: Hi, I've been trying to set up a new LAN after installing your latest service pack, but it keeps timing out for no apparent reason.
HELPDESK: I see... Could you check if the power is turned on?
CUSTOMER: *facepalm* I can't believe I'm getting zynga'd here!
by Gerwald DG August 14, 2010
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