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Zynga hangover, n., encompassing hangover-like symptoms following an evening, or contiguous evenings tending virtual property within any number of the numerous Zynga gaming realms.

Symptoms include sore back and/or shoulders, shooting pains in primary mousing hand, severe exhaustion, dry eyes, a dull ache in the soul stemming from a profound realization that an enormous amount of time has just been wasted nurturing virtual property (time that could be better spent writing that paper, learning the flute or obtaining a real hangover), and loss of friends (both real and Facebook).

Common symptom of a ZyngAddict, one who is Zynga-dicted.
Hey Mike, I have the worst Zynga hangover; I want to kill myself for being such a worthless shit. Also, I have shooting pains in my primary mousing hand.
by bdalziel June 16, 2011
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