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Noun. The master of all techniques and experiences. A pinnacle performer.

He grow up in the darker parts of Chicago, Illinois but eventually took his roots and bursted pass those boundaries. The extension of his growth is limitless in all aspects and transcends time and nature with a transient synergistic effect. A man who was born in the 80s among other crack babies but sets himself apart by showing compassion and love for the human race.
Guy One: "Yo, who would you put as a close second the Michael Jordan in outstanding performances?"

Guy Two: "Either Zylo or Jimi Hendrix. Hands down man."
by George Horwell March 28, 2013
noun- The coolest kid in the entire fucking world who pwnz Cooper "phil" McWang
God damn cooper, you are such a fucking chink, Zyl0s is so gonna beat you down into the ground and stomp on your small asian package.
by Zyl0s March 17, 2004
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