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"Zwn" is the greatest degree of ownage that one can accomplish. It is greater than both "own" and "pwn" by a large margin, and is to be used wisely.
Dude, I zwnd your entire guild by myself.
by Grouchy Gnome April 26, 2005
A word made by our "Spade-Club" guild in Gunbound, as of April/May 2004, as a replacement for "Owned" and "Pwned."

Note: I'm not sure if the other definitions found this word independently to the time we made it, or picked it up from us.
Haha, I completely zwn'd you, you ebay wand..
by Kevin W. January 30, 2005
th zwn (verb)

used to express, that someone was owned.
dude: dude you just got zing zonh zwned.


fgt: hi, guys
dude2: zing
dude: zong
dude2: zwned
by para January 19, 2005
Another form of owned, pwned. Invented by Jake "bagboy".
Man, you got zwned by that n00b! For shame...
by RNR ;) (luv ya jake) August 05, 2004
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