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The last name of truly god-like creatures.
"Where are you going?"
"To change my last name to Zwick."
"Wow, that last name definately doesnt fit you"
"F*ck you"
by chelseazwick September 07, 2008
someone who is a MAJOR slut. like the sluttiest of sluts.
bill- dude, do you think that girl puts out easily?
ted- yeah! she's a major zwick!
bill- ha! yeah i figured.
by shagg2dope February 11, 2009
A Jewish person who constantly complains about everything and rarely stops talking.
hey, are you going to act like a zwick all day.
by thuglife60 November 24, 2009
Real fuckin fuckboy. Like one of those straight up cuntlads who wears sunglasses inside. Probably looks up bitches on the webby. Kidnapping images like a fuckin fat old man. Where's his ego at? Oh turn the fuck around! Or keep looking straight, or sideways, or diagonal, because it's fucking EVERYWHERE.
"There's a Zwick over there!"
"Do we run?"
"Nah man, we're too close. It's waving ma- HEY ZWICK!"
by DecBerkMcLucHowzendorfenZach April 11, 2015
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