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1. A person who lives above an indian restaurant.
2. A hucker with a big, sensual bod that he touches every night (or every other night, so he claims...) in hopes that Daffy Duck will strike him with lightning for not showing him his microwave.
3. A family that eats everything.
Man, that Zwald is so nasty, I stalked his window last night and saw his bod!
by abrector November 21, 2011
A farmer who enjoys Fran Dresher and models who happen to be his girlfriend. She almost killed him with a fork but its okay he forgave her. He robs Chili's of all their corncobs when going through a dry spell.
"Holy sh** that boy took my corn!"...

"Oh thats a Zwald he's just going through a dry spell, don't mind him"
by Sexyasschop888888888 December 12, 2012