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can make an awesome plastic surgery face
makes a lot of weird noises and faces
she's just really weird
she also laughs at the dumbest things but i still want to have sex with her
every guy wants to have sex with her cuz shes so chill awesome and random

youll never meet anyone as amazing as a zuzanna
i wish she would date me
youre just as weird as a zuzanna

zuzanna is the hottest girl alive
#random #weird #sexy #amazing #bamf
by B0jaNglez February 13, 2010
From Σουσαννα (Sousanna), the Greek form of the Hebrew name שׁוֹשַׁנָּה (Shoshannah). This was derived from the Hebrew word שׁוֹשָׁן (shoshan) meaning "lily" (in modern Hebrew this also means "rose"), perhaps ultimately from Egyptian sšn "lotus". In the Old Testament Apocrypha this is the name of a woman falsely accused of adultery. The prophet Daniel clears her name by tricking her accusers, who end up being condemned themselves. It also occurs in the New Testament belonging to a woman who ministered to Christ.
Zuzanna is the Polish version of the name.
"hey look it's Zuzanna!"
#zuzanna #susanna #suzanna #zuz #zuzia
by MWUAHAHAHA!!! February 20, 2009
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