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1. One who is indecisive and cant make a decision unless it involves sex, booze, or shoes.

2. Tend to not know what it wants so says "I like you" to any guy that pays enough attention.

3. One who carries alot of baggage.

4. One who is heartless and ungrateful or anything you do.
- Hey girl, we going to that movie"
- Uh, I'm not sure yet
- God, you are being such a Zuz.

2. - Does that girl really like him, or is she confused?
- Nah, that chick is def a Zuz.

3. - Are you going to help her carry that? Shes a Zuz, she has enough of her personal baggage to carry, much less lugage.

4. - Did she like the present you gave her?
- No, that Zuz just told me she wished it was from someone else.
by YesIDidGoThere June 13, 2008
14 9
2 skins is the best way to go!
"Dude, pass the zuz!"
by scozza March 08, 2005
6 1
>Lurky from "Rainbow Brite". Murky's clumbsy, yet lovable lackey.
z'U'z "I Love Pretty Colors."
by Ren_Ludwig March 12, 2008
3 3
a Freaky free spliff smoked by whom it is given to.
Dude, u want sum on this biff?
here yar
:wow cheers for the fruity zuz it completely owned me, freaky (collapses)
by ali the punk March 15, 2005
1 1
ZUZ- The one and only maestron of the land of funkness, Droidlocks is a key factor in this and also coincides with the matter of how badtime or shall we say utterly insanley chronicly Shoilet the person is!

In other words the definition of zuz is undefinable in our realm because of its utter epicness, it crosses time and space like a black hole looming over an infant galaxy waiting to destroy everything in its vicinity!
Horrrr, Nar ZUZ
by Flonk Donk June 26, 2009
2 3
ZUZ- Someone who is from the outer realm of Droidlocks or is just fucking badtime
I.E Or Nar Zuz
by JohnViolence June 18, 2009
1 2
oh, yes! great!
"whoa a $20! zuz!"
by lauren September 02, 2003
5 6