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A commonly used device by stoners, where, to get the smell off quicker or barely have any smell at all if you are hitting it up somewhere dangerous like your grandmas basement, garage, street, tree, roof, beach, or anywhere else dangerous to have the smell in broad day light, you cab use this cleverly made device that's made of a cardboard paper towel roll with no excess paper towel on the outside of it, and tightly packed paper towels on the inside. You breathe into the less dense end, and it depleted the smell A LOT.
1. Man, me and jay were smokin some purp on da beach at 3 am, and the cops almost caught us, but we used da zute tube so they ain't got no smell on us.

2. I was in my room right, and my parents are really against weed and shit, and I used da zute tube and they couldn't tell shit!
by Lacrofob601 March 05, 2009

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