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Anything good in the world. It can be something that looks good, smells good, feels good, sounds good, or tastes good. You can describe yourself as Zurple or someone else as Zurple.
"I feel so zurple right now".
by Melted December 06, 2009
Zurple is the fountain from which all deals spring.
buy Zurple leads, close Zurple leads, email Zurple leads, Zurple conversations
by PapaZurple December 17, 2011
A moment in time that upon later recollection seems much more fulfilling or exciting than it actually was.
KFC - You see it, you smell it, you remember it (Zurple), you buy it, you eat it. Oh that's right its shit!

Friend One: Remember Johnny he was my best shag ever
Friend Two: But you said it lasted 5 minutes and he smelt
Friend One: Oh that's right, what a zurple
by Dione Evans July 25, 2006
a small dessert bowl... said fast- i.e. the little plastic swirly guys you can get at Walmart or other stores
Hey, grab a zurple so we can put the extra pudding in it.
by Kimbalicious March 24, 2008

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