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A cheap and unattractive plastic horn popularised during the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa. The 'instrument' produces an infuriating noise somewhat akin to a swarm of bees constantly buzzing in your ear.

Completely tuneless, the Zuluvulva's drone blocks out the commentary on televised matches and ruins the atmosphere within the stadiums by drowning out terrace chants and 'real' musical instruments such as trumpets and drums.

Due to the exposure gained by this annoying piece of plastic tat due to extensive TV coverage, you can expect to have a chorus of midless mongs constantly blasting away at a football ground near you soon.
Me: Hey Dave press the bloody mute button the zuluvulvas are doing my head in even more than that wnaker Mark Bright

Dave: yeah, I'd sure like to meet the tool who invented the zuluvulva. I could jam one up his arse so that whenever the fecker farts he'll be reminded of what an annoying device he created.
by Lord Manhammer June 23, 2010
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