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1 a fat rednaeck
2 a nigga hatin fuckfoot
3 has a smurf wannabe lover
4 acts like girls in online rpg named by fruits like strwberry, battleberry,
etc. (anything with berry and asks for items)
5 fat person who never gets full
1 Hey look at that zukster go, omg i am gonna zukster on the zukster.
2 *throws up* man i zukster with food
3 Oh My God look at that zukster its FAT and Ugly And posing as a Girl
by Jack Mehoff November 10, 2004
A disease of which excess fat grows around your body making it incredibly hard to breath and walk. This disease is also known to cause the gayness disorder where it causes the mind to think that you are a girl but you are really not. The cure is yet unknown. However if you have Zukster, do no panic. You will be dead by the time you reach the age of 25.
You son has zukster and will die by the time he reaches 25.
Andy is fat because he has zukster.
by Sherry Palmer June 22, 2006
1)A person who is a fat ass, lazy, red neck, sandwich eatting, nigga hatin person, and always hungry.

2)A person who got stuck in a tub.
1)Damn Zukster, why did you eat so much?
2)Yesterday, I got Zukster in the bathroom.
by Jack Mehoff November 03, 2004
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