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Can refer to Zukkihund - a type of male party dog of the husky family, usually found in urban areas around Zurich/Zürich, where he consumes lots and lots of alcohol and various illicit substances and mates with everything that moves. When Zukki is not partying, he is in a constant state of piss-off and contemplates the problems of the world... for example, the lack of coffee pods/capsules in the morning.

For more information, please refer to the Facebook page "Zukkihund".
Female dog: "Let's just forget about my boyfriend and his fucking bodybuilding..."
Zukkihund: "His WHAT?!"
by HuereSiech October 29, 2012
Zukki; a name meaning goddess and almighty over everyone. a very laid back person and outgoing.
you are so awesome! your such a Zukki!
by KaylaMarie October 25, 2007
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