Short for Erelijus Zukauskas, a Lithuanian basketball player (1993-2009), who has a weird nose and big ears.
Person 1: I met Zukis today!
Person 2: Really?? I mistake him for a troll.
by anon-personna April 08, 2010
Top Definition
To be awesome, funny, and a delight to everyone.
Doug- Wow that girl was so cool, shes so Zuki!
by demyeeshpeesh December 07, 2010
The pairing (or ship) between the characters Zuko and Suki from the animated television show "Avatar: The Last Airbender". It has become noticeably more popular after fans have read the comics following the show. In "The Promise: Part 2", Zuko and Suki share a questionably romantic moment after Zuko's ex-girlfriend, Mai, broke up with him. Another time when fans noticed a Zuki moment was during "The Promise: Part 3", when Suki stated that Zuko looked "so lonely" while they were trying to stop him from causing another war. By now, the fans were starting to get suspicious of Suki's intentions. In "The Search: Part 1", the readers had started to predict that Zuki was going to canon soon, and that Suki may just be the Firelord's new Firelady. Some people, though, believe that there isn't a chance for the two, because of Suki's current boyfriend Sokka. Some also believe that the creators, Mike and Bryan, might just be "pulling a Zutara" as they say, and will just completely ignore any romantic ideas between Zuko and Suki. Hopefully, fans will get an answer soon as to what will become of the two.
I really hope Zuko and Suki get together, I think Zuki would be a great idea!
by MariahTheTurtle July 28, 2013
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