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A person whose talking is unintelligible. It may be because they mumble, they may be soft talkers or they may be foreigners.
I couldn't understand a word that zug said about anything.
by Zone Ranger February 22, 2010
Richest town in Switzerland where on the streets you will only see cars like bentleys and ferraris, where people are most of their time spending their holidays in places like like on the Maldives in the Carribbean or in St. Moritz and travel by private jets
did you see that chick in the fur coat driving a ferrari?

yeah, she must be from zug for sure
by thepoorlittlerichgirl October 02, 2011
Onomatopoeic exclamation accompanying an out-thrust fist, indicating that the recipient has been run through with an imaginary sword whilst play fighting.
"Zug!.. You're dead!"
"No I'm not, you missed!"
"I didn't, I was right there!"
"Well I've got super armour!"
"No you don't! It went straight in! Zug!"
"I do! And I've got a machine gun! Brbrbrbrrrap!"
by jegub July 09, 2012
A word used to describe a person that is a drain on society because they have don't pay their bills, have bad credit, or on goverment assistance such as food stamps, wic, unemployment, welfare, etc. Be them black, white, asian, mexican, etc.

Also can be called a "Deadbeat Zug"

Pronounced like jug but with a z.
What a zug. He is mad we are repossessing his car, yet he won't pay his bills.
by Fat Nick of Virginia September 20, 2005
a short, stocky, hairy man with a tiny penis
one with a small cock
"Garcia is such a zug, i mean that thing is incredibly small" said Kevin
by jcmorgan4 February 17, 2009
An erotic video involving a steam locomotive at full speed.
Zug review.
by Wordup November 07, 2003
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